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Studio shoots are perfect for clean backgrounds and excellent product focus. I can also bring my huge portable studio to a location of your choice for ultimate flexability.

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Tell a deeper story with a location shoot and tap into the immense urban and natural landscape around us. Location shoots work exceptionally well for those “fly on the wall” images as well as more stylized productions.



Combine STUDIO and LOCTION and open up a world of impossible images. This is the same method used in Hollywood productions just adapted for photography.

Tufte Wear


Tufte wear´s focus on sustainability and ecofriendliness as well as great clothing aligns very well with my beliefs. Since our first shoot together in 2012 we have grown and matured in parallell. What an excellent group! Check them out at



Norges Skiforbund


The Norwegian Skiing Federation and their athletes are truely a pleasure to work with. Their focus and dedication is one of a kind and shares a standard I constantly try to hold myself to. A constant inspiration to work with!



Rauma Ullvare


The combination of thorough planning, an excellent team and beautiful landscape never seizes to amaze me!


Musicians & Bands


What a crazy bunch! Love them!



10 years of Portraits


A collection of my favorite portraits from the last decade. Thank you all for kindly sharing a moment of your life with me.