Frederick Kihle

Current residence: Hamar, Norway.

Photography has given me the opportunity to travel all around Norway, Europe and even as far as China and South Africa. I´ve had the pleasure of meeting leaders of great companies, enthusiastic entrepreneurs with huge ideas, famous actors and musicians glowing with passion for their art and some of the biggest norwegian names in sports. I would like to thank every single client and agency for giving me their trust and crazy deadlines.

It´s with great ease that I can say that I love my job!


• Aker• ALI Kaffe• ASKO• Bama• BDO• Catlike• Dagens Næringsliv• Dale of Norway• Dæhlie• Farmhouse Design• Garmin• Grilstad• Grønt Punkt• HokaOneOne• Hunderfossen Familiepark• IDT Sports• Isklar• KIA• KIWI• Mester Grønn• MIX• Norbohus• NorEngros• Norges Skiforbund• Norsk Tipping• NRK• Rauma Ullvare• OnePark• Phonect• Saltdalshytta• Scandic• Senterpartiet• Silva• Skydda • Sponsorlink• Sportvision• Tempur• Tufte Wear• United Bakeries• Weber ++